Raindrops Keep Fall’n On My Head

Got back from Michigan just in time to get wet.  Raining steady for the last two days.  Missed a doubleheader with the Turf Club last night, and another with the Mudpuppies tonight.  Luckily I got a call to fill in with The Ramones on Tuesday, so the week hasn’t been a complete wash.  At least the tornado missed us by a couple of blocks.

Michigan was swell.  Quick run, not much time to see anybody, but nice to be home.  Mom kept me fed, Sara made me sit on the beach and get sun-burnt.  Got to catch up with P.J. and Lindsay in Paw Paw for a night on the way in, and had a few beers with Steve Angry in Holland.  Had a bit of a hell-run on the return trip – featuring some shitty traffic in Northern Indiana and Chicagoland; a flat tire in Woodstock, Illinois; and losing my glasses at a campsite near Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.

Ahhhh… vacation.

Things I’m thanks-ful for:

New Holland Beer.  Proud to say it’s from my home town.

P.W. Long.  Mule.  Fuck.  So good.

Flea Markets.  Scratch Acid “Berserker” 12″ for 25¢!

Brett Favre.  Ha!


One Response to “Raindrops Keep Fall’n On My Head”

  1. Stephanie Forsyth Says:

    Sorry about the glasses, that’s happend to me on a trip before too. It sucks! (And Devil’s Lake is cursed, I swear! I got stuck in flash floods there once!)

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